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September 12, 2022

LTV data: The new way to break barriers in B2B user acquisition and growth

The Voyantis Team

Pssst—what were you doing on Sept 8th? Don’t worry, this isn’t an interrogation!

You see, that was a really special day for us.

We hosted an amazing webinar, and the speakers + subject matter were beyond the regular growth marketing content you would find online. 

That is because growth experts from leading PLG B2B’s made the case for LTV-based acquisition, and discussed the advanced methodologies of optimizing campaigns for maximum ROAS.

Just who were the speakers, you ask?

They offered up the tricks of the trade as it worked for their respective companies, with particular focus on how the ability to pair customer lifetime value data with ad networks’ ability to optimize for custom values, enables the holy grail of building an optimized acquisition strategy.

The insights in this webinar will prove to be particularly useful for data-driven B2Bs that are ready to maximize each marketing channel’s performance by improving ad spend efficiency and targeting the most valuable customers. 

So just how can LTV data be used to break barriers in B2B user acquisition and growth?

You're welcome to watch, rewatch, and share with the team.

And for your convenience, here’s a quick recap of the points that were discussed in each section, so you can feel free to jump straight to the parts that interest you most.

Topics that were discussed on LTV-based user acquisition

So how is LTV-based user acquisition even achievable for PLGs or B2Bs? That’s what our esteemed speakers expand on through the course of the webinar. 😊

There are several important discussion points in this webinar, which we will further elaborate on in future posts. Here are the topics:

Challenges, KPIs, Methodologies

Among the points discussed are the main growth-related challenges being faced by the teams of our speakers, as well as UA-related challenges that are unique to PLGs. In this part, the speakers spoke of their KPI’s, and how they shifted in response to the market changes. They also delved into their methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of those changes, and their current decision-making process in regard to campaigns, bid adjustments, budgets, and more.

LTV-Based Optimization

The speakers go on to talk about how they are currently using LTV models to evaluate and/or optimize their marketing activities, and how their evaluation/decision-making process has improved since. Our CTO expands on these points, by talking about why this is even particularly important for PLGs.

PLG Company Roadblocks

It is made clear that many companies are talking about the need to move towards LTV/CAC optimization, but very few companies are successful in committing to it. The speakers go on to talk about what is missing for most companies to adopt this best practice. They go on to talk about what goes into LTV calculations (zero-and first-party data), which data-driven PLGs can easily capitalize on!

Benefits of LTV-based optimization

Towards the end of the webinar, the speakers speak of their efforts in the past six months which have shown them the greatest value. These include account structure changes, bidding strategy changes, new marketing funnels, etc.


Stay tuned for more!

In the coming weeks, we will shine the spotlight on each of our distinguished speakers, and feature their insights in true Voyantis-fashion: super thorough blog posts that you can draw from in your strategy sessions.

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