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Helping Online Businesses Shift to LTV-Based Growth

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We founded Voyantis in 2020, after noticing that marketing and growth teams often find themselves fighting an uphill battle as they take on business growth.

Together, we spoke with dozens of growth leaders, to get a full grasp of their pain points and needs. So here are our findings in a nutshell… 
Most companies today base their growth and marketing decisions on spreadsheets - decisions are being made based on naive assumptions and models.
Although “sitting” on a data goldmine, the lack of R&D resources made it difficult to both analyze and utilize company-owned data to make informed time-sensitive decisions, and activate growth.
These days, as all companies are making the shift to get on the path to profitability, it is crucial to understand, and act on the future value of each user.

So we created Voyantis - to transform the way online businesses acquire and retain customers of the highest value, with superior predictive AI solutions and insights from thousands of data points to efficiently achieve exponential profitability by transitioning to LTV-based growth.

Backed By Leading VCs

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Who We Are

Voyantis is a codeless predictive growth platform, that helps marketing and growth teams focus on profitability, by using actionable LTV-based predictive data to acquire and retain customers of the highest value.

Leveraging predictions to support better insights and actions allows companies that rely on frequent repeat purchases to break free from the struggles and limitations that stem from lacking data and short-term optimization processes. Instead, smarter and more informed actions can be made, based on futurespected data—all with profitability in mind, resulting in substantial increase in returns on investment.

Why act in retrospect, when you can futurespect? With Voyantis, you can make informed decisions today, based on what your customers will do tomorrow.

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Voyantis has raised $19M in seed funding from leading VCs, including Target Global, Square Peg, Schusterman, Kaedan Capital and Operator Partners, with additional participation of notable marketing growth executives at Adobe, Shopify, Doordash, Tinder and Facebook.

With their support, we are continuously enhancing, and expanding our technological offerings, to change the way online businesses use and act on their data through Voyantis’ predictive growth OS.