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July 28, 2021

Meet the team: Ido Wiesenberg, the CEO and co-Founder of Voyantis

Voyantis Team

We at the Voyantis team consider ourselves very fortunate to have Ido Wiesenberg as our CEO. He is a man of many admirable traits. From being a dedicated husband, father of three, and fearless leader who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to work alongside us, to being a friend and mentor to all—Ido is quite the inspiration.

Brace yourself as we shine the spotlight on Ido Wiesenberg!

Ido’s work before Voyantis:

You may have previously heard of Ido from his work before Voyantis, because he is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building growth and marketing teams, which all started with his creative agency, Frido. Yes—Ido… Frido… pretty catchy, right?

Ido has also done a boatload of speaking engagements worldwide, and gained respect as a tech executive with Internet, TV, media, advertising and Over the Top TV (OTT) expertise. 

In fact, have you heard of Tvinci, the platform that enables TV operators, telcos, and media companies to create personalized, social TV experiences for end users? Ido co-founded that company in 2007 (soon after Frido,) and after a string of successes, Tvinci went on to become acquired by Kaltura in 2014. Not long after that, Ido was selected by Forbes as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Israel.

Not too shabby!

In 2018, Ido became a mentor for the Techstars accelerator program. For anyone unfamiliar, Techstars accelerators are known for going above and beyond to help entrepreneurs succeed by surrounding companies with the best mentors and corporate partners, investors, and alumni during an intensive three months. The model has helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world. Ido personally helped many entrepreneurs and their startups, and continues to do so.

Leading up to the creation of Voyantis:

Ido has always been a visionary by nature, and he capitalized on that ability in business by getting on top of massive waves and riding them through, time and time again.

When it came to Voyantis, he and his co-Founder Eran Friendinger (who we will also feature in a future post!) knew that many elements of the product itself would have to serve as the core. He went over the elements in detail in this post, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • The product needs to have a no-code approach
    Making the product plug-and-play would naturally remove barriers for team members who aren’t developers, and require minimum to zero involvement from the R&D team.
  • Implementation needs to be as effortless as possible
    The best way to scale fast would be by minimizing the need for customization and other professional services on the clients end.
  • The solution needs to be actionable
    The impact of the product must easily be measured in ROI for the client
  • There needs to be an easy buy-in
    Determine whether the clients’ budget will be part of an existing P&L like, or a new line. As stated in Ido’s post, there are three different use cases to factor:
  • New category/product — You must provide a clear value proposition for your solution, and it must be easily justifiable internally (and be sure that your buyer has a sufficient budget for it).
  • Existing category/product that your client is shopping for — You need to prove why you are better than other alternatives
  • Existing category/product that your client is currently using one of your competitors’ solutions and he will need to also pay “switching cost”

It goes without saying that Ido and Eran ultimately succeeded in removing as many barriers as possible while creating Voyantis, and through their GTM strategy (which he also discussed in detail in his post.)

Spreading valuable insights far and wide

In all the best ways, Ido has his hands full with Voyantis. Despite being relatively stealthy, we are on an upward trajectory, and much of the credit goes to Ido for his guidance.

Of course, we are far from being the only ones that Ido shares his insights with. In addition to sharing insights on his personal Medium blog, and the Voyantis blog, Ido has taken part in many speaking engagements over the years worldwide, both in-person and digitally. Whether audiences gain insights from him from a podcast, panel discussion, or keynote—they always walk away with realistic actionable insights on how to achieve sustainable growth by embracing new tactics and technologies.

Would you like to connect with Ido? Don’t be shy! He loves making new connections!

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