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Honeybook gets 3.5X VIP paying customers with LTV predictions

Case Study
Fintech, PLG, SasS cloud-based CRM solution designed for small businesses.


Honeybook's Business: Specializes in end-to-end business management, from booking to payment processing. Earns additional revenue when customers also use their payment services, categorizing these users as high-value.
Early Detection Challenge: With a complex acquisition funnel, initially, only 2% of high-value customers were pinpointed within the first 30 days.
Prior Strategy: Honeybook used trial start as a proxy KPI due to a lack of deeper funnel insights.
Enter Voyantis': Offered forecasts on the probability of users becoming high-value customers or VIPs through payment service usage.
Strategic A/B Testing: Implemented A/B testing on Meta (tCPA) and Google (tROAS) platforms, applying Value-Based Bidding and Voyantis predictions to target high-value conversions.
Remarkable Results: Secured a 3.5x surge in high-value customer acquisition and slashed CAC by 50%, all thanks to Voyantis' predictive insights.

“Not only have we brought more paying accounts with the same media spend, we brought accounts with higher value. We brought more annual plans (compared to monthly plans). We also acquired teams with a higher number of members for each account”

Shai Brumer
Sr. Director, Data & Scale

The Challenge

Campaign funnel with/ without Voyantis | VisualCampaign funnel without Voyantis | Visual
Image with the number 1
Early Funnel Value Uncertainty - Honeybook provides a 7-day free trial, followed by a subscription model. Among subscribers, a portion adopts advanced services like payments. However, within the first 30 days, only 2% of these valuable users are successfully identified.
Image with the number 2
The Gap - Honeybook didn’t have enough signals to clearly identify those VIP customers, who will also use the payment services, early on.
Image with the number 3
A Short-Term Proxy Used - Since something is better than nothing, Honeybook optimized their campaigns by using free-trial signups, as a Proxy target metric.
Campaign funnel with Voyantis | Visual

The Pilot

1. To evaluate Voyantis' effectiveness, Honeybook conducted experiments on Google and Meta campaigns, utilizing Voyantis' predictions and targeting a US audience.

2. Google: Both groups were optimized for tROAS. The control used a proxy goal (free trial), while the experiment group used Voyantis’ prediction of the likelihood of becoming a paying and activated user (using the payments service).

3. Meta: The control group optimized for tCPA (free trial) while the test group optimized for the likelihood of becoming an activated user (process payments), based on Voyantis’ models.

4. On Meta, Honeybook could further refine targeting to the customer percentiles - for example, the top 50% of the VIP segment and only the top 10% of the non-VIP segment.

“Partnering with Voyantis allowed us to acquire higher-value users at a lower cost. Voyantis predictions are being used as a key decision metric in our day-to-day decision-making”.

Shai Brumer
Sr. Director, Data & Scale

How does it work


Prediction Model Generation

Voyantis' AI engine learned the unique nature of Honeybook's users, and the value they will generate over time, differentiated between Honeybook's distinct segments (VIP and non-VIP), and created a custom prediction model tailored to Honeybook.


Privacy First

Voyantis created accurate prediction models using Honeybook's engagement, transactions, and attribution data, all strictly anonymized. We never used personally identifiable information (PII) for predictions, ensuring our clients' data is secure.


Ad Network Optimization

We customize the prediction feed for each platform based on their unique network algorithm setup. For Google, we optimize for value-based bidding and send values through the Server's API. On the Meta feed, we used CAPI to optimize for custom events of a 20/50/80% likelihood of converting to an activated user.


Accuracy Verification

The model is constantly tested and adjusted when needed to provide the most accurate predictions (93% accuracy and continuous improvements. 

The Impact

The results of the pilot clearly indicate the advantage of using value predictions for improving campaigns outcomes.

Scale increase

3.5X more high-value VIP customers: Not only did Voyantis help Honybook score more VIP paying customers that also use the paying service, Honeybook was able to reduce its CAC by 50%. 

Longer term impact

Google’s Ad engine preferred Voyantis’ targets: after Voyantis predictions were fed back to Google, the engine shifted to optimized almost only according to Voyantis events (95% of the ad spend).

Scalable effect

Highly accurate predictions: the predictions that Voyantis generated were 14X more accurate than the proxy that was used by Honeybook with 93% accuracy when compared to actual results.

Lower CAC for VIP segment activation
Increase in campaign  spend while keeping ROAS growth stable
Increase in activation rate of VIP customers
More accurate than proxy used before by honeybook

Your data, our AI, +20%ROAS