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The complete guide to Value-Based Bidding

The transition from CPA to pROAS campaigns

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Marketers today are more focused on long term profit and acquiring the right customers

Quality indication is required within days - Advertisers areasked to indicate within the first few days who of the newlyacquired customers is a good one

Long term value is not easily predicted - It could be difficult to determine the full value of a user due to:

Privacy limitation on user data
User early behaviour which is not always correlatedwith the full value

What can marketers do?

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Value-Based Bidding - Ads network recently introduced powerful optimization based on the value of each user

Ad optimization based on signals - Ad networks allow advertisers to send signals that are fed back the ad algorithm to improve the campaign

Long-term value predictions - Creating high-quality value predictions signals to feed back the Value-Based Bidding campaigns will result in acquiring high-value customers

In this eBook we will...

Define what Value - Based Bidding is
Discuss how teams can assess their readiness to adoptvalue-based-bidding in their campaigns
Introduce how can teams implement value-based-bidding, and how can AI improve its effectivity
Review success stories and their outcomes

“We saw a 36% increase in team conversion rate and a 63% 6-month increase inROAS. We’re excited to expand our growth strategy with Voyantis”.

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Performance Marketing Manager @ Notion

Get the complete guide to Value-Based Bidding

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Boost your ads performance with Value-Based-Bidding powered by AI

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